Monday, December 8, 2008

Tea Bag's, TV stand and Twitter

The last 3 weeks have been crazy around here. From thanksgiving, Dream Center events, visitors from England, shopping, Dream center presentation,drumming, sickness, tree decorating, Christmas shopping. The list can go on and on.
So we decided, before Thanksgiving, to get a new TV. Finally, after years of having our 27 inch tv, it was time to go big and go bold. We ended up with a 42 inch, plasma, HDTV. The only problem was we had no stand for it to stand on. We did not want it on the wall so it was time to improvise.
Now I am not known for my handyman skills. In fact I HATE painting. I'd rather have teeth extracted than paint things. It all came from when my dad and I decided to paint our previous entire exterior of our house. After 4-5 coats of primer and paint, I was done, forever.

So I found this old, broken and out of date chest of draws. I love to dream and see things in a finished state and I saw what I could do with this.
It was a race. You see I could not get the TV out of the box until the stand was completed. So I got to work. My wife sanded the whole thing. Then I started to shake as I got the paint can out. Memories of the previous house painting project started to flood back but I pushed through and as you can see, I converted a chest of draws into a killer entertainment center that everyone that has seen it has been impressed.

As you may or may not know but British people love Tea. Hot tea. So I had my friends from England to bring me a bag of tea bags over as I was running low. Normally there is 80 tea bags in a box/ bag. So my friend, James, walked into our living room with a MASSIVE bag of tea, 1150 tea bags in the bag. So I guess it will last me and Dave Jane until...Christmas.

Well I am not know as the most technical guys in the world but I do love my electronic gadets. From my Macbook pro, iphone, tivo or ipod I love messing around with all this stuff. So I decided to start Twittering. Twitter is a mass way of group texting or communicate. Its been great to follow many people and also get comments on what I write about. Check it out and start to follow

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Inspired by my brother in law

Welcome to my new office. OK so it's the same office with a couch I stole from one of the rooms at DCP. It wasn't being used to I "borrowed" it. So with a new office comes a new blog.
I am such a bad blogger I know. Its been over 3 months since I last blogged and in the Tech world, that an eternity. SO I have been inspired by my brother in law about blogging. Not for his big theological writings or his thoughts on life but from his real encounters. I don't know how many nights my wife and I have sat and just cried at the funny stories that he has written about. I warn you, you will need a tissue for the tears you will cry in laughter. He knows how to write. He's a teacher and so you can imagine, he has events happening every day. I was thinking last night of how we should write a humorous book called "The real life stories of a teacher and a pastor". Check his blog out at

One thing that happend to me a few weeks ago was I was even awarded with the "40 leaders under 40" award in the city. I was totally surprised by it and honored. I totally felt out of my element at the awards dinner with all the doctors, CEO's, buisness men and Anyway, someone wrote a nice article about me which is here for you all to read. Andy's 40 under 40 article

Well I must close but I have a feeling that Michael(brother in law) and I will have a few things to write about as its a "Family get together for Thanksgiving" this Thursday. Should be fun. I love this time of year

Thursday, August 21, 2008

michael Guglielmucci fooled us all, even his family

It was a sad day yesterday in Australia and around the world when Michael Guglielmucci confessed to making up the whole story of having terminal Cancer for the last 2 years. You may remember I wrote about a powerful song sung by Michael on the latest Hillsongs cd/ dvd just a few weeks ago called "Healer". He even sang it with oxygen tubes in his nose.
Here is the article that broke the news in Australia "The Australian article"

When you talk to people who were close to him, they are shocked and hurt. Even his wife, mom and dad did not know. How hard is it for them? On the one hand they would be ecstatic that there son or husband was not really going to die but on the other hand he had just lied to them and the world for 2 years and has wrecked there lives. Mike will not have a future in ministry, at least in the near future. I say near future because I feel the Christian community in years has changed. I feel we have gone so Grace driven that allows fallen men back into the pulpit way to fast. I know this first hand as a friend of mine was a victim of a pastor who had an affair with my friends wife. Its been 3 years since that and my friend is still battling with the affair. Yet the pastor was back starting a new church with in 2 years of the affair. It was and still is completely wrong.

So what do we do now. Well we must pray for Mike and his family. It is times like this that he needs Gods help and guidance. Perhaps "Healer" was written not for the fake cancer but for his, as well as everyones, sin and wrong doing. We all still need a healer, we all still need a savior. Lying small or lying big , its all sin and we all need a healer for that. Thank God Mike know 's the true healer, Jesus, and can still call on him for healing and forgiveness.
Yes, I am hurt and upset. I am really upset for his mom and dad as Danny(his dad) is an amazing man who will take this hard. A friend of mine had emailed me who has friends at the church saying that Danny may be taking 3 months off work (he is a pastor of one of the biggest and fastest growing churches in Australia) due to the effect of this on him.

Over the years we have seen good, Godly men rise and fall. We must focus on the one and only man who will never fall and thats Jesus. Even death could not make him fall and give in.

I just ask that even though we may be upset, mad, frustrated or angry, we must still hold the family up in prayer, especially Michael Guglielmucci.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Prayer to make you "uncomfortable"

I had the privilege of attending the Willow Creek Summit, via satellite, last week. It was an amazing week and I got challenged in many different ways. One of my all time favorite speakers was their, Craig Groeschel, from Life Church. ( )
He spoke about the 'IT' factor in life and ministry. He was challenging, thought provoking and direct. He left the session with this Franciscan prayer that I feel I pray every night for all that are, or need to be, involved at Dream Center. I pray it bothers you like it bothered me.

May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers, half truths, and superficial relationships, so that you may live deep within your heart.

May God bless you with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, so that you may work for justice, freedom and peace.

May God bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation, and war, so that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and to turn their pain in to joy.

And may God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in this world, so that you can do what others claim cannot be done.

- A Franciscans Prayer

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teens impact Peoria and its only day three

I am writing to you all on Day 3 of Mission Peoria to keep you updated.

It has been an incredible week so far. Over 160 students and adults are here (our biggest crowd ever) from 11 different churches. Most are from the Peoria area, but there are kids here from churches as far away as lake Zurich, Tinley Park and Rock Island. There are even two teens from England(!!) who are here on vacation staying with their cousin who happened to have signed up for Mission Peoria ..... so they came along too.

Each morning the students have been in 3 different district 150 schools (Manual, Woodruff and Peoria High) doing service projects (laying mulch, weeding, painting). The maintenance staff and media that have visited are all amazed by the fact that all these students are taking a week out of their summer break to do this; that they’ve paid to be here; and that they’re smiling while they do it!! They are all a great testimony to Dream Center and Jesus.

In the afternoons they are running 6 different baselines (kids outreach programs) around the city. From the South Side to Taft to Morton Square Park, we have seen 100’s of children come out to play games, ride water slides, get their face’s painted and hear a fun presentation of the gospel message. One of the groups showed up at Martin Luther King park yesterday on the south side. We have never run a baseline here before. Slowly kids started to trickle in from the surrounding community as the word got out of what we were doing. By the end of the afternoon we had 70 kids at that one baseline!!

Each evening we have been holding services for the Mission Peoria students in the sanctuary at RCC. Through intense worship and powerful messages we have already seen God challenge and change the hearts of these students. It’s hard to say that I have a favorite part of the day, but I do love watching teenagers who have been working hard and giving out all day go running to the altar in the evening to dance and sing and worship God.

If you are in need of a spiritual boost, and would like to get a little taste of what Mission Peoria is all about, please feel free to come along to one of our evening meetings at RCC tonight and tomorrow. The meetings begin at 7:15 and normally wrap up at 9:00. There are plenty of adults there, so you won’t stick out :) If the message or music don’t move you, the response from the teenagers will.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support this week (especially with the office being a little more hectic than usual with teens running up and down the halls). Please continue to pray. Friday night is our final big outreach where we will bus all these kids into the Riverplex and Aubrey will present the gospel. Then Saturday morning we will be giving out 2500 backpacks to families from all over the city. Then Sunday we plan on all going to bed and sleeping for 24 hours straight!!(after church of course).

Written by Dave Jane

Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Blood clots, just screws

So here is a quick update. Due to massive pain and swelling I was rushed to methodist hospital to check for blood clots. In the end we found out I had a bit of infection but no blood clots, Thank God. I snapped this as the doctor left me on my own in the room with my camera phone. As you can see, there is now 2 screws in my leg(they are the white bits you see in the leg) Hope I don't set any alarms off now at airports.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knee Surgery #3

One of my loves in life is playing and watching football (soccer). As I am writing this I actually watching a pre-season Liverpool game. I must admit, I am football crazy. From my youngest memories that I can remember, I have been kicking a football around. 14 years
ago I was involved in a horrific football tackle in Australia. I ended up having surgery on my meniscus back in England just weeks after the incident.
A few years later, after moving to America, i was coaching the PCS soccer team here in town. While showing a football move to the players I fell to a heap on the ground and my meniscus had moved and I ended up having my second surgery.

Over the last 2 years we have done an indoor soccer league at DCP but we felt it was time to take the guys to the great So now jump forward with me 14 years. I am now married, i have 3 kids, i run the Dream Center and life is very hectic. So what do I decide to do? Put a Dream Center soccer teamoutdoors and play in the outdoor league. The guys(and girl) had a great time and we ended up 4th in the league but we then went on to win the playoffs with some controversy that made the NEW YORK TIMES.(thats another story on its own) - podcast from wmbd today

So 2 games before the final, I went in for a challenge and all of a sudden heard and felt my knee click in and out about 5 times and I ended up on back in terrible pain. I knew it was worse than the previous injuries. I ended up tearing my ACL and also messing up my meniscus again.

Last Friday I went in for surgery and for all you nasty people who love seeing surgeries, here is a link to an animation of what they did to my knee.

So how am I now. Well its been 4 day's since surgery and I am still in alot of pain and discomfort. Still trying to work from home as it is a very busy time of year at DCP with Mission Peoria and BackPack Peoria next week. It has been tough as I am so medicated, i am not sure what i am telling people or email people. Rehab will take two and half to three months. Right now I am still iced up and the knee is very stiff. Last night while taking a night trip to the bathroom I took a fall and hurt the knee again. It should be ok, just added to the pain.

So am I done in playing football? Well, all i want to be able to do is play football with my kids, thats it. This has been too painful to go through again. Plus my wife has been amazing in taking care of me but it is just not fair to put them through this again. I think I may try refereeing, i hear its good money.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Healer - Worship and faith collide

What you are about to see will effect the way you worship next time, I promise you. I saw this last Thursday on youtube when it only had 30 or so hits. Its now been a week and its nearly at 15,000 views.

So what is it. Well let me take you back a few years. 14 years in fact. I was about to go on ACE teams and help set up the program in Perth, Australia. Just before I went we had an Australian guy called Danny Guglielmucci stayed at our house and preach in our church. He was brilliant. One of the best youth speakers in Australia.

Anyway, I took off for Australia and a month into we were working at a youth convention with Youth Alive and guess who was speaking, Danny. So we spoke he told me I was stalking him as he had just stayed with us in England just a few week's earlier. Anyway, a few weeks later, I got hurt playing soccer (still happening today) and I had to fly home to England for surgery. While home, guess who is back speaking in the next town over from us... Danny. Now he was getting worried about the stalking.
So a few months after this I flew back to Australia and I am now asked to help at a Hillsongs conference held in Perth. You got it, Danny was there preaching. I saw Danny 4 times in 5 months
in England twice and Australia twice. Crazy.

Well everytime he spoke he talked about his son, Mike, and how he was an amazing evangelist at school and he would have prayer meetings in the field at school and would have hundreds of kids show up to cry out to God and other kids turning their lives over to Christ.

Mike, Danny's son, ended up being one of the top speakers in Australia and was behind the Planetshakers movement over in Australia.

Just 3 months ago Mike was asked to be apart of the new Hillsongs cd/ dvd recording. Why? because in late 2006 Mike had been diagnosed with Terminal cancer.With in minutes of hearing the news Mike went and wrote the song you are about to hear (if you click on the link) It will show a side of worship that I have never really seen before. Seeing people(over 20,000) crying out to God for help and comfort.

I also attached the "story behind the song" that has Mike, Darlene Zchech, Brooke Fraser and others talking about the song and the recording.

I warn you, have tissues available. The song will stick with you for days, and so it should. Its where Worship and Faith collide.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Worship Central Peoria

Just over a week ago Riverside Community church welcomed Worship Central. Worship Central is a conference designed to help equip the church in Worship. It was created by Tim Hughes, who wrote "Here I am to Worship" and Al Gordan who are both based in London. Also with them was Brenton Brown, who wrote "Everlasting God" and also Theologian JD Walt from Asbury seminary in Kentucky. It was an amazing day.
I worked hard with the guys leading up to the day and was totaly blown away by there humility and servants heart to worship and to serve our church. They all, including the band, were the real deal. Over the years I have worked with many Christian musicains and artists and have seen a "Dark" side to the Christian music industry but not on this day. We laughed and challenged each other all day.
One of the highlights, off stage, was seeing Tim, Al and the band trying to make over 20 steps on the stairs, in one step. Very funny, especially as I was standing there with a torn ACL knee. I was thinking what would happen if I witnessed one of these guys do the same to their knee, due to.... stupidity. Also sitting and chatting with JD Walt was a privilege and look forward to further our conversations on Worship and Compassion. JD's blog is also wort looking at.

It was a great time and stay tuned, we plan on having them all back soon. But until then, check out the Worship Central site, the podcast is brilliant.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Surgery is calling me

Many may not know this but the summer is Dream Centers busiest time of year. Kids programs, missions trips, events, tours of the building (that never stops), meetings and the odd issue to deal with. Its crazy here. On top of DCP stuff, I was also in charge of welcoming in hosting Tim Hughes and the Worship Central weekend.

So let me take you back a week last sunday (6 days before Tim Hughes and gang came in). Over the last 2 years, Dream center has has a mens soccer program. A way to connect with guys that normaly would not come to Riverside or Dream Center. Its been amazing getting to know the guys. Well this spring we decided to join the Peoria mens outdoor league. It went realy well and we ended up coming 4th in the league but got to the play offs and won the whole thing.

Anyway, a week last sunday, I was playing went to volley the ball with my right foot and pivet on my left foot. As I did so I felt the most intence pain, my knee give way and it popped in and out a few time's and I was experiencing pain that I had never felt before. This all happened to my knee that I have already had 2 surgeries on. After doctors visits and an MRI(scan) I have found out that I have torn my ACL in my knee. Appartently this is a big deal. So for all you sick people out there I have a link to an animation of the surgery needed.

So for the week I have had a complete leg brace. You know its bad when I had to use a motorized shopping cart at walmart. If I hear "your getting too old to play soccer" again, then I will hurt someone with the other leg.I see a surgeon next week and I will keep you updated.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Only one week away - Tim Hughes

So its been awhile. Sorry about that. With Vacations, family, Dream Center, Riverside and Worship Central its been a crazy few weeks.
Next week Riverside will have Tim Hughes with us. Many may say "Who is Tim Hughes?" Tim has written ton's of songs that are sung world wide including the most sung song in churches at this time "Here I am to Worship"

He heads up a worship event called Worship Central which is why he is here. Its a day conference on Worship. He will have with him Al Gordan who is also from England, Brenton Brown who wrote "Everlasting God" and Theologian JD Walt.

Its going to be an amazing day here is a few links for you to check out and if your close, come for the day on June 21st. the conference is $40(includes lunch) and then there is a free Worship night with the team on the Saturday night. They will also be taking the service on Sunday.

What is Worship Central -
More info -

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A sad day for Steve Curtis Chapman's family


NASHVILLE, TN...5/21/08... At approximately 5pm on the afternoon of Wednesday May 21st, Maria Sue Chapman, 5 years old and the youngest daughter to Steven and Mary Beth Chapman was struck in the driveway of the Chapman home in Franklin, TN. Maria was rushed to Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital in Nashville, transported by LifeFlight, but died of her injuries there. Maria is one of the close knit family’s six children and one of their three adopted daughters.

More than five years ago, Chapman and his wife MaryBeth founded The Shaohannah’s Hope Ministry after bringing their first adopted daughter, Shaohannah, home from China. The ministry’s goal is to help families reduce the financial barrier of adoption, and has provided grants to over 1700 families wishing to adopt orphans from around the world. Chapman is a five-time GRAMMY ® winner and 54-time Dove Award winning artist who has sold over 10 million albums and garnered 44 No. 1 singles.

The Chapman family is so grateful for the incredible outpouring of love and support at this difficult time.

Note from Andy:
I know first hand what its like to loose a daughter. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Chapman family. Please join me in prayer, as you read this, for the family and friends.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Shoes are Counted

So if you read the last blog, you will understand this blog a lot more. After an amazing service were the people at Riverside gave away their shoes.
So here is the totals:

179 pairs of Men’s shoes
5 pairs of Men’s boots
229 pairs of Women’s shoes
22 pairs Kids shoes
8 pairs of baby shoes

What a great sight to see.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Leaving Your "Shoes" At Church

I love going to a church that is willing to step out on the edge and make a difference. Today at church was no exception. The service as a whole was an "ok" service until my dad (Pastor John King) challenged people like never before. He had been speaking on "Sacrifice." It's a hard subject to speak about in this day in age as many people don't live lives of sacrifice. The message had been challenging. Speaking about Abraham and Issac and the ultimate Sacrifice that he was willing to do, to kill his son to God.

Then dad switched gears and talked about how Moses was reaminded of his Sacrifice and calling to God by his shoes or lack of them. When Moses was asked at the burning bush to take off his shoes, he was never told to put them back on. Interesting. The rest of his days as he walked with the children of Isreal he would always be reminded of his call and sacrifice by the pain and scars he would feel on his feet.

The Challenge - Then dad challenged the people in the nice comfortable church to make a sacrifice today for someone else who was in need. He asked the people at church to come forward and take off their shoes and leave them at the alter as a sign of Sacrifice.

All the shoes then were going to be given to families and individuals that come to The Hope Store, a free clothing and household store at Dream Center Peoria. The Hope store helps over 1000 families a month with items.

The alter was full of nice shoes that people sacrificed for people that they never knew. What a sight seeing people walking out of church in just socks or bare foot.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Marketing Genius = D?

Over the past ten years I have built a great friendship with a few guys and their families in England. Every year or so they surprise me by there imaginative marketing ideas that they come up with for the band that they are all in. Tim, one of the guys, sent me there latest cd which also came with a book. He had told me it was coming but when I got the package i thought he had forgotten about the book. Then I looked closer and in the vacuum packaging, there was the new cd with the book also. I look even closer and saw that every time someone bought the cd/ book, the money from the cd would feed someone in a thrid world country. Brilliant. The new cd is amazing and is just up my street with what we do at Dream Center. The cd is all about how the church and individuals must reach out to the hurting of this world. Its another killer cd, not only musically but also lyrically.
For those who have no idea who I am talking of the band is called "Delirious" and the new cd is called "Kingdom of Comfort"
I dare you to listen to it. It will challenge you to the core

Thursday, April 24, 2008

AOK launch was a Huge success

What an amazing day. AOK (Acts Of Kindness) came out of seeing the mayor of our city uniting the churches in prayer for 40 days. As I stood in the meetings I felt happy, yet sad the same time. Happy that the church had come together but sad that it seemed that "the Church" would only come together to pray and not serve the city. So AOK came out of that frustration. Its a simple concept.

Take 10-15 areas of the city with high Poverty and crime rates
Take churches who want to serve the city and surrounding areas
Mobilize the churches, into the areas, every 8 weeks with different events.,124

So we launched this weekend with Spring clean 08.
The day started with a little rain but by 9:30am the rain had stopped and people were all over the city and surrounding areas serving their cities and showing the love of Christ to a world in need. As I drove from site to site, I was seeing a dream come true. I saw a united church working and serving one another and their own communities. I saw friendships being established. I saw doors being opened, I saw races working together, I saw church denomination walls being torn down, I saw different age groups serving together, I saw the rich and poor committed to the cause and above all I saw the heart of Christ in all of us.....To love and serve, because He first loved and served us. What a Day.

8 AOK zones were served
Over 15 churches united
Close to 300 people came and served.
Hundreds of Bags of trash were picked up across the area.

What a great launch to AOK Day in Peoria.

Next event - Summer Fest "08. June 28th. More details to follow.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Switchfoot and Earthquakes

One of the sports that my boys have really got into is Ice hockey or roller blade hockey. They love it. So every year we try to get to a game or two at our local AHL hockey team, Peoria Rivermen. So when I saw that Christian band "Switchfoot" were going to do a concert after the Rivermen game, we had too jump at the chance. The game was great...but we lost. Then switchfoot came on and I was not expecting what I heard or saw. As a musician, I was totally blown away by them. They are now in my top 5 or 6 bands of all time for there live concert experience. Others in that list are Delirious, U2, David Crowder band, The Cranberries and Coldplay. It was amazing. Highlight for me was the ad lib that the lead singer did just before he burst into "Dare you to move" It was an amazing night and an incredible band

The other amazing thing that happened today was we had an earthquake. I know, that sounds crazy, but we did. It happened about about 200 miles away but it was a 5.4 earthquake and was felt all the way to Chicago and St.Louis. It was wild. I was a sleep and did not feel a thing. My dad did as he was on the computer at 4:30am doing his sermon. He said it was like someone was shaking his computer chair. Anyway, we are all ok. No major injuries across Illinois were reported but I am sure people are making false claim's to there insurance today!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beckham hits one hundred games for England

So he finally made it. Playing for England for one hundred games. David Beckham put on the England shirt again yesterday with pride and honor. He made his debut for England at the age of 21 on Sept. 1, 1996, in a World Cup qualifier against Moldova. He has had his highs and lows in the England shirt but on of the most memorable moment for me was seeing him hit a 35 yard, 90 mph free kick into the top left hand corner on the net against Greece. The goal was in the 93rd minute (3 min into extra time) and sent England into the world cup.

Its at moments like these that I feel we all need to be ready for. Not to kick a ball into a net. But to step up to a challenge and face it head on. The bible is full of people who faced challenges each and everyday. David, Joseph, Joshua, Moses, Paul and of course Jesus, the ultimate hero. He actually faced death head on and conquered it. I pray that as you read this is will inspire you to face what your going through and conquer it. As for Becks, he's still one of the best football (soccer) players to ever walk the planet. Hes so good.... my son's middle name guessed it, BECKHAM

Friday, March 7, 2008

Judge praises Dream Center Peoria

Its been a while since I wrote on my blog and I promise I will get into the habit of doing this more. Today Dream Center was mentioned in the local paper and I wanted to share it with all of you. Enjoy the read.

The Judge and The Speech
Once in a while, even a federal judge can feel the weight and frustration of crime.

We think of judges as stoic and impassioned, stock-still in their black robes as they dole out rulings from the bench. But sometimes, as they oversee the steady hum of the wheels of justice, they hit the brakes and say, "Hold on a second. What's going on here?"

Though not with those exact words, that's what happened the other day at the federal courthouse downtown. U.S. District Judge Michael Mihm, in the midst of a typical day of typical drug cases, couldn't help but pause and slowly shake his head.

Before him stood another crack dealer. But this one was different. He'd had a decent childhood. He had strong family support. And, perhaps most remarkably, he was disciplined enough to say no to drugs. He didn't do crack - just sold it.

Mihm expressed dismay at the entire situation. So, he gave The Speech.

Mihm doesn't often do The Speech. But it pops out when he gets particularly frustrated.

"The people in court are getting tired of hearing me give The Speech," Mihm says with a light chuckle.

But Mihm, 64, can't always subdue his vexation, not after 25 years of seeing drug cases continue to burgeon.

"I don't know how many people I've sent to prison on drug charges," he says with a sigh. "The line never ceases."

The Speech centers on one, maddening question: "Why are so many people bent on self-destruction?"

It goes on from there: "It's not just the people doing the drugs who are destroying themselves, but also their families."

Plus, there is the burden to society, from the costs of courts to the ravages of crimes that support drug abuse. As a study this week shows, for the first time more than 1 percent of Americans are incarcerated - "the majority probably for drugs," Mihm says.

Mihm readily acknowledges The Speech doesn't uncover any new ground: The same dilemma faces all urban areas.

But Mihm just wants people to listen: "I think every community has to have a full discussion on this. I'm not sure we're doing that."

Mihm says that in the supply-demand view of drug trafficking, law enforcement does an efficient job at attacking supply. But society - Mihm, you, me - must address the demand.

That's the hard part, as Mihm admits. The Speech had no solutions. Even after a quarter-century of observing the problem, Mihm has been unable to grasp solid resolutions.

"Maybe I should have more ideas before making statements," he says quietly.

Still, he has yet to abandon hope. He doesn't want to spend the rest of his judicial career simply sending more and more convicts to prisons. There's got to be another way, he says.

He thinks some people in town have some interesting ideas. For instance, the other day he decided to pay a visit on Dream Center Peoria. Just a few years old, the not-for-profit organization focuses on turning kids and adults around, giving them skills and attitudes aimed at pushing them away from crime and along the straight and narrow.

"I was impressed," Mihm says.

Who knows? Maybe one day The Speech will have a different ending, one with less frustration. And maybe even one day, Mihm won't have to give The Speech nearly so often.

Written by Phil Luciano, Peoria Journal Star

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DCP honors the Faithful Volunteers

Dream Center Peoria hosted its inaugural Volunteer Banquet last Friday, February 8th. Approximately 175 volunteers from 5 area churches and agencies were honored for their hard work and dedication in 2007. Dream Center programs would not exist without the faithfulness of volunteers, and videos shared during the evening reflected this fact. Some highlights of 2007 include:

• 1,000 families per month received clothing and household items from Hope
• 70 families received furniture and/or appliances from FAITH Warehouse.
• 175 of 200 homes at Taft were reached through Adopt-A-Block.
• 2,100 back packs given away during Back Pack Peoria.
• 4,000 pairs of socks were distributed during Back Pack Peoria.
• 20 Ladies per week grow in relationships with each other and God through
Ladies Night Out
• Over 300 families participated in and were fed at the Fall and Summer Cookouts.
• Over 5,000 families were helped with groceries through Angel Food.
• 200 families received free groceries through Operation Angel Food.
• Up to 80 kids attended Metro Kidz each week. 60% received Jesus.
• 250 adults and children participated in DCP athletics.
• 125 young people impacted the city through Mission Peoria.

At the banquet, volunteers received DCP t-shirts, small tokens for their efforts. If you volunteered for Dream Center in 2007 but were unable to attend the banquet, please contact Amy at 676.3000 x 250 regarding t-shirt availability.

One of the highlight of the evening was seeing the faces of the volunteers as we showed them different videos that we had put together. I have put them on Youtube so that you can see for yourself what our amazing volunteers have been doing.

God of this City -

God Is Smiling -

Dream Center wishes to extend another big THANK YOU to all of its volunteers!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mark Driscoll at Dream Center Peoria

I think I will look back on the last days as 2 days of the most inspiring days that I can remember for a long time. As you can see, its been forever since I have posted anything on my blog. Why? Not sure. But today I was encouraged to start it up by one of the most challenging theologians alive, Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church, Seattle. So I took him up on it and here we go.

Mark came to Riverside/ Dream Center Peoria for a related leaders conference. He challenged us in many ways from being a City(church) within a City. It was exactly where we are at DCP/ RCC and he knows how to stretch you. Then today Mark challenged us with the simplest message that we as Christians forget so often...Its all about Jesus. Life, church, family, work. Jesus should be right there front and center.
We had chance to take Mark around the Dream Center and hear from him ideas. Using blog's was one of them to document and share what I and DCP are doing. It's were I can share life as raw as possible.

Let me know what your thoughts were from the day.

Also for those who know me will know how much the band "Delirious" mean to me and my family. Over the years we have built great friendships with the guys and there families. Well, today we heard that Stew Smith, the drummer, has decided to leave the band to set up a new business in graphic design. This will allow him to be home more. Its a sad day but I wish Stew and his family all the best.