Monday, December 8, 2008

Tea Bag's, TV stand and Twitter

The last 3 weeks have been crazy around here. From thanksgiving, Dream Center events, visitors from England, shopping, Dream center presentation,drumming, sickness, tree decorating, Christmas shopping. The list can go on and on.
So we decided, before Thanksgiving, to get a new TV. Finally, after years of having our 27 inch tv, it was time to go big and go bold. We ended up with a 42 inch, plasma, HDTV. The only problem was we had no stand for it to stand on. We did not want it on the wall so it was time to improvise.
Now I am not known for my handyman skills. In fact I HATE painting. I'd rather have teeth extracted than paint things. It all came from when my dad and I decided to paint our previous entire exterior of our house. After 4-5 coats of primer and paint, I was done, forever.

So I found this old, broken and out of date chest of draws. I love to dream and see things in a finished state and I saw what I could do with this.
It was a race. You see I could not get the TV out of the box until the stand was completed. So I got to work. My wife sanded the whole thing. Then I started to shake as I got the paint can out. Memories of the previous house painting project started to flood back but I pushed through and as you can see, I converted a chest of draws into a killer entertainment center that everyone that has seen it has been impressed.

As you may or may not know but British people love Tea. Hot tea. So I had my friends from England to bring me a bag of tea bags over as I was running low. Normally there is 80 tea bags in a box/ bag. So my friend, James, walked into our living room with a MASSIVE bag of tea, 1150 tea bags in the bag. So I guess it will last me and Dave Jane until...Christmas.

Well I am not know as the most technical guys in the world but I do love my electronic gadets. From my Macbook pro, iphone, tivo or ipod I love messing around with all this stuff. So I decided to start Twittering. Twitter is a mass way of group texting or communicate. Its been great to follow many people and also get comments on what I write about. Check it out and start to follow

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