Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Surprised by books and radio

Its been a strange week. A week were I have seen surprises right before my eyes. On a personal note, I was totally Gob smacked when I received the new delirious book called "I could sing of your love forever" www.delirious.co.uk The book is a collection of writing from the biggest English christian band of all time. Over the last 5 or so years I have become, with my family, very close friends. They have been with us through the highs and lows of life. So I got the book were they write about how they and why they wrote the songs that have changed the way we do worship world wide.
Chapter 5 is on the song "Majesty" As I started to read, I started to smile and then start jumping up and down with my kids. There in black and white for all the world to see was this. "I was listening to a talk from Pastor John King of Peoria, Illinois" For those who don't know this is my dad. He got a mention. It carries on in the chapter about this message my dad spoke on worship. It made my day. My dad has been faithful over the years and I have always felt he should be heard world wide and in some ways he is. But to be mentioned by the biggest worship band in the world, be also in the book were Matt redmann and Darlene Zchech do the forward, it was just awesome for me.

Then on my day off yesterday i get a call from the leading talk radio station from the top show DJs on the station asking me to come on and chat about dream center and they feel Dream Center will be an answer to the crime problems in Peoria. they love DCP and wanted the world to know. I agreed to go in and went on at 3:30pm. I finished at 5pm and then the guys carried on for another 30-45 min about dream center and how people need to help, volunteer, donate and support DCP. Now here is a non christian radio station promoting us and talking in depth about all of our programs. It was amazing. Another God surprise. we look forward to seeing what God has planned for the future but all I know is Peoria are hearing the message loud and clear. Also every Monday now at 4:00pm I will be a live call in guest for 10 minutes on whats happening at DCP. Here's the link, note the DCP web link, you can also hear the podcast from Apr 30, there is 3 episodes as I was the longest interview ever on the show. Take a listen and spread the word about DCP. http://www.1470wmbd.com/skin/feature.php?sectionId=208