Monday, June 30, 2008

Worship Central Peoria

Just over a week ago Riverside Community church welcomed Worship Central. Worship Central is a conference designed to help equip the church in Worship. It was created by Tim Hughes, who wrote "Here I am to Worship" and Al Gordan who are both based in London. Also with them was Brenton Brown, who wrote "Everlasting God" and also Theologian JD Walt from Asbury seminary in Kentucky. It was an amazing day.
I worked hard with the guys leading up to the day and was totaly blown away by there humility and servants heart to worship and to serve our church. They all, including the band, were the real deal. Over the years I have worked with many Christian musicains and artists and have seen a "Dark" side to the Christian music industry but not on this day. We laughed and challenged each other all day.
One of the highlights, off stage, was seeing Tim, Al and the band trying to make over 20 steps on the stairs, in one step. Very funny, especially as I was standing there with a torn ACL knee. I was thinking what would happen if I witnessed one of these guys do the same to their knee, due to.... stupidity. Also sitting and chatting with JD Walt was a privilege and look forward to further our conversations on Worship and Compassion. JD's blog is also wort looking at.

It was a great time and stay tuned, we plan on having them all back soon. But until then, check out the Worship Central site, the podcast is brilliant.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Surgery is calling me

Many may not know this but the summer is Dream Centers busiest time of year. Kids programs, missions trips, events, tours of the building (that never stops), meetings and the odd issue to deal with. Its crazy here. On top of DCP stuff, I was also in charge of welcoming in hosting Tim Hughes and the Worship Central weekend.

So let me take you back a week last sunday (6 days before Tim Hughes and gang came in). Over the last 2 years, Dream center has has a mens soccer program. A way to connect with guys that normaly would not come to Riverside or Dream Center. Its been amazing getting to know the guys. Well this spring we decided to join the Peoria mens outdoor league. It went realy well and we ended up coming 4th in the league but got to the play offs and won the whole thing.

Anyway, a week last sunday, I was playing went to volley the ball with my right foot and pivet on my left foot. As I did so I felt the most intence pain, my knee give way and it popped in and out a few time's and I was experiencing pain that I had never felt before. This all happened to my knee that I have already had 2 surgeries on. After doctors visits and an MRI(scan) I have found out that I have torn my ACL in my knee. Appartently this is a big deal. So for all you sick people out there I have a link to an animation of the surgery needed.

So for the week I have had a complete leg brace. You know its bad when I had to use a motorized shopping cart at walmart. If I hear "your getting too old to play soccer" again, then I will hurt someone with the other leg.I see a surgeon next week and I will keep you updated.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Only one week away - Tim Hughes

So its been awhile. Sorry about that. With Vacations, family, Dream Center, Riverside and Worship Central its been a crazy few weeks.
Next week Riverside will have Tim Hughes with us. Many may say "Who is Tim Hughes?" Tim has written ton's of songs that are sung world wide including the most sung song in churches at this time "Here I am to Worship"

He heads up a worship event called Worship Central which is why he is here. Its a day conference on Worship. He will have with him Al Gordan who is also from England, Brenton Brown who wrote "Everlasting God" and Theologian JD Walt.

Its going to be an amazing day here is a few links for you to check out and if your close, come for the day on June 21st. the conference is $40(includes lunch) and then there is a free Worship night with the team on the Saturday night. They will also be taking the service on Sunday.

What is Worship Central -
More info -