Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goodbye Google, Hello "Goodsearch"

I know I haven't blogged for a time. I apologize but here we go.

This is huge - If people go to, then on the opening page
type in under "who do you search for?" then put in dream center peoria, then
every time they do a search and use this, DCP get 1c a search. This does not
sound a lot but if we can a few thousand people doing 10-50 searches a day,
this will add up very quickly, and iits free money to us and them. Not
costing you anything to do it.

Also there is a huge list of stores like ebay, apple, gap,best buy, Amazon, barnes and noble and tons
of others. If you buy with them on line through good search, we get from 1%
to 30% of the amount spent. This could be huge
So go ahead, give it a go. What have you got to loose, its FREE!

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