Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Inspired by my brother in law

Welcome to my new office. OK so it's the same office with a couch I stole from one of the rooms at DCP. It wasn't being used to I "borrowed" it. So with a new office comes a new blog.
I am such a bad blogger I know. Its been over 3 months since I last blogged and in the Tech world, that an eternity. SO I have been inspired by my brother in law about blogging. Not for his big theological writings or his thoughts on life but from his real encounters. I don't know how many nights my wife and I have sat and just cried at the funny stories that he has written about. I warn you, you will need a tissue for the tears you will cry in laughter. He knows how to write. He's a teacher and so you can imagine, he has events happening every day. I was thinking last night of how we should write a humorous book called "The real life stories of a teacher and a pastor". Check his blog out at http://mritchason.blogspot.com/

One thing that happend to me a few weeks ago was I was even awarded with the "40 leaders under 40" award in the city. I was totally surprised by it and honored. I totally felt out of my element at the awards dinner with all the doctors, CEO's, buisness men and ...me. Anyway, someone wrote a nice article about me which is here for you all to read. Andy's 40 under 40 article

Well I must close but I have a feeling that Michael(brother in law) and I will have a few things to write about as its a "Family get together for Thanksgiving" this Thursday. Should be fun. I love this time of year