Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mark Driscoll at Dream Center Peoria

I think I will look back on the last days as 2 days of the most inspiring days that I can remember for a long time. As you can see, its been forever since I have posted anything on my blog. Why? Not sure. But today I was encouraged to start it up by one of the most challenging theologians alive, Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church, Seattle. So I took him up on it and here we go.

Mark came to Riverside/ Dream Center Peoria for a related leaders conference. He challenged us in many ways from being a City(church) within a City. It was exactly where we are at DCP/ RCC and he knows how to stretch you. Then today Mark challenged us with the simplest message that we as Christians forget so often...Its all about Jesus. Life, church, family, work. Jesus should be right there front and center.
We had chance to take Mark around the Dream Center and hear from him ideas. Using blog's was one of them to document and share what I and DCP are doing. It's were I can share life as raw as possible.

Let me know what your thoughts were from the day.

Also for those who know me will know how much the band "Delirious" mean to me and my family. Over the years we have built great friendships with the guys and there families. Well, today we heard that Stew Smith, the drummer, has decided to leave the band to set up a new business in graphic design. This will allow him to be home more. Its a sad day but I wish Stew and his family all the best.