Friday, June 13, 2008

Only one week away - Tim Hughes

So its been awhile. Sorry about that. With Vacations, family, Dream Center, Riverside and Worship Central its been a crazy few weeks.
Next week Riverside will have Tim Hughes with us. Many may say "Who is Tim Hughes?" Tim has written ton's of songs that are sung world wide including the most sung song in churches at this time "Here I am to Worship"

He heads up a worship event called Worship Central which is why he is here. Its a day conference on Worship. He will have with him Al Gordan who is also from England, Brenton Brown who wrote "Everlasting God" and Theologian JD Walt.

Its going to be an amazing day here is a few links for you to check out and if your close, come for the day on June 21st. the conference is $40(includes lunch) and then there is a free Worship night with the team on the Saturday night. They will also be taking the service on Sunday.

What is Worship Central -
More info -

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