Friday, April 18, 2008

Switchfoot and Earthquakes

One of the sports that my boys have really got into is Ice hockey or roller blade hockey. They love it. So every year we try to get to a game or two at our local AHL hockey team, Peoria Rivermen. So when I saw that Christian band "Switchfoot" were going to do a concert after the Rivermen game, we had too jump at the chance. The game was great...but we lost. Then switchfoot came on and I was not expecting what I heard or saw. As a musician, I was totally blown away by them. They are now in my top 5 or 6 bands of all time for there live concert experience. Others in that list are Delirious, U2, David Crowder band, The Cranberries and Coldplay. It was amazing. Highlight for me was the ad lib that the lead singer did just before he burst into "Dare you to move" It was an amazing night and an incredible band

The other amazing thing that happened today was we had an earthquake. I know, that sounds crazy, but we did. It happened about about 200 miles away but it was a 5.4 earthquake and was felt all the way to Chicago and St.Louis. It was wild. I was a sleep and did not feel a thing. My dad did as he was on the computer at 4:30am doing his sermon. He said it was like someone was shaking his computer chair. Anyway, we are all ok. No major injuries across Illinois were reported but I am sure people are making false claim's to there insurance today!!!

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