Thursday, July 3, 2008

Healer - Worship and faith collide

What you are about to see will effect the way you worship next time, I promise you. I saw this last Thursday on youtube when it only had 30 or so hits. Its now been a week and its nearly at 15,000 views.

So what is it. Well let me take you back a few years. 14 years in fact. I was about to go on ACE teams and help set up the program in Perth, Australia. Just before I went we had an Australian guy called Danny Guglielmucci stayed at our house and preach in our church. He was brilliant. One of the best youth speakers in Australia.

Anyway, I took off for Australia and a month into we were working at a youth convention with Youth Alive and guess who was speaking, Danny. So we spoke he told me I was stalking him as he had just stayed with us in England just a few week's earlier. Anyway, a few weeks later, I got hurt playing soccer (still happening today) and I had to fly home to England for surgery. While home, guess who is back speaking in the next town over from us... Danny. Now he was getting worried about the stalking.
So a few months after this I flew back to Australia and I am now asked to help at a Hillsongs conference held in Perth. You got it, Danny was there preaching. I saw Danny 4 times in 5 months
in England twice and Australia twice. Crazy.

Well everytime he spoke he talked about his son, Mike, and how he was an amazing evangelist at school and he would have prayer meetings in the field at school and would have hundreds of kids show up to cry out to God and other kids turning their lives over to Christ.

Mike, Danny's son, ended up being one of the top speakers in Australia and was behind the Planetshakers movement over in Australia.

Just 3 months ago Mike was asked to be apart of the new Hillsongs cd/ dvd recording. Why? because in late 2006 Mike had been diagnosed with Terminal cancer.With in minutes of hearing the news Mike went and wrote the song you are about to hear (if you click on the link) It will show a side of worship that I have never really seen before. Seeing people(over 20,000) crying out to God for help and comfort.

I also attached the "story behind the song" that has Mike, Darlene Zchech, Brooke Fraser and others talking about the song and the recording.

I warn you, have tissues available. The song will stick with you for days, and so it should. Its where Worship and Faith collide.

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