Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knee Surgery #3

One of my loves in life is playing and watching football (soccer). As I am writing this I actually watching a pre-season Liverpool game. I must admit, I am football crazy. From my youngest memories that I can remember, I have been kicking a football around. 14 years
ago I was involved in a horrific football tackle in Australia. I ended up having surgery on my meniscus back in England just weeks after the incident.
A few years later, after moving to America, i was coaching the PCS soccer team here in town. While showing a football move to the players I fell to a heap on the ground and my meniscus had moved and I ended up having my second surgery.

Over the last 2 years we have done an indoor soccer league at DCP but we felt it was time to take the guys to the great So now jump forward with me 14 years. I am now married, i have 3 kids, i run the Dream Center and life is very hectic. So what do I decide to do? Put a Dream Center soccer teamoutdoors and play in the outdoor league. The guys(and girl) had a great time and we ended up 4th in the league but we then went on to win the playoffs with some controversy that made the NEW YORK TIMES.(thats another story on its own)http://jmpradio.com/pods/gd/Ethicist%20072208.mp3 - podcast from wmbd today

So 2 games before the final, I went in for a challenge and all of a sudden heard and felt my knee click in and out about 5 times and I ended up on back in terrible pain. I knew it was worse than the previous injuries. I ended up tearing my ACL and also messing up my meniscus again.

Last Friday I went in for surgery and for all you nasty people who love seeing surgeries, here is a link to an animation of what they did to my knee. http://youtube.com/watch?v=q96M0jRqn7k

So how am I now. Well its been 4 day's since surgery and I am still in alot of pain and discomfort. Still trying to work from home as it is a very busy time of year at DCP with Mission Peoria and BackPack Peoria next week. It has been tough as I am so medicated, i am not sure what i am telling people or email people. Rehab will take two and half to three months. Right now I am still iced up and the knee is very stiff. Last night while taking a night trip to the bathroom I took a fall and hurt the knee again. It should be ok, just added to the pain.

So am I done in playing football? Well, all i want to be able to do is play football with my kids, thats it. This has been too painful to go through again. Plus my wife has been amazing in taking care of me but it is just not fair to put them through this again. I think I may try refereeing, i hear its good money.

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