Sunday, May 18, 2008

Leaving Your "Shoes" At Church

I love going to a church that is willing to step out on the edge and make a difference. Today at church was no exception. The service as a whole was an "ok" service until my dad (Pastor John King) challenged people like never before. He had been speaking on "Sacrifice." It's a hard subject to speak about in this day in age as many people don't live lives of sacrifice. The message had been challenging. Speaking about Abraham and Issac and the ultimate Sacrifice that he was willing to do, to kill his son to God.

Then dad switched gears and talked about how Moses was reaminded of his Sacrifice and calling to God by his shoes or lack of them. When Moses was asked at the burning bush to take off his shoes, he was never told to put them back on. Interesting. The rest of his days as he walked with the children of Isreal he would always be reminded of his call and sacrifice by the pain and scars he would feel on his feet.

The Challenge - Then dad challenged the people in the nice comfortable church to make a sacrifice today for someone else who was in need. He asked the people at church to come forward and take off their shoes and leave them at the alter as a sign of Sacrifice.

All the shoes then were going to be given to families and individuals that come to The Hope Store, a free clothing and household store at Dream Center Peoria. The Hope store helps over 1000 families a month with items.

The alter was full of nice shoes that people sacrificed for people that they never knew. What a sight seeing people walking out of church in just socks or bare foot.

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