Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Church We See

Jesus is... 

What does that mean?
That statement can be continued in so many ways
Is it a statement or a question, it all depends on who is answering it
The church we see answers that in a way that can change lives. It can change this City, It can change the world

The church we see connects people to Jesus, not just by talk but by action 
Its a church that is Jesus to a dying world 24/7
A church that loves people like Jesus did...with  An unconditional love. Its a "come as you are type of love".
As people connect with Jesus, he connects with them through community and worship. The inward experience now becomes on outward expression
The church connects people to Jesus

A church we see Helps people of all ages grow in their faith
The church challenges people to grow closer to Jesus and as we grow closer to Jesus, the reflection of what we see challenges us to change and be even more like Jesus
Jesus changes everything
Our walk, our talk, our life, our desires, our passions, our pursuits. If we use Jesus as the mirror, he will show us where we are but more importantly where we need to be

The church we see is a movement. It's on the Go. 
As we see how Jesus is changing and transforming us, we need to the put action to our faith. 
The message of Jesus is for a world who needs to hear that message. 
Jesus wants us to Go and occupy every street, neighborhood, sub division, City. Every work place, school, college and home.
The church we see physically is Jesus to the poor, the broken, the homeless
The church we see physically is also Jesus to the rich, lost, confused, depressed
From the faceless to the famous, Jesus is hope to the hopeless
The church has no borders, no limits to where it can go. Jesus called us to Go. 
It's a call to action locally and globally. 
We must Occupy every street 

So now you see who Jesus is... It's US, you and me "The church"
We are his hands and feet to a dying world. We are his representatives in society.
When people see us, interact with us, do life with us...they should see, interact and do life with Jesus

The church we see exists to show you who Jesus is...

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