Monday, April 23, 2007

Blog your way to Heaven

So its taken me some to get this blog set up but it's finally here. Yet another way to communicate to people. If email, myspace, cell phones, phones and all the other countless ways were not enough, here's my blog.
So I figured this would be a great way for people to connect with me on many different levels. We will journey together talking about many areas of life. Some you may enjoy, others you may think "whats Andy on about?"and that fine. We will talk about family, Dream Center Peoria, church, worship, music, current events, football(soccer for you Americans reading) and anything else that happens on the way to heaven.
As you may know I am in charge of Dream Center Peoria ( ) Its an organization that is committed to help individuals, families and children who live in poverty in the Peoria area. The need is so great. Just this last weekend we started our 5 year of Adopt a block. It's a program which volunteer commit to adopting a block in the projects. At the same time we run a program called Metro kidz. A fun hour packed kids program for the kids in the same blocks. We had, with volunteers, hundreds out there and it was a great time in seeing the church in Action. Many different churches were represented and we also had a youth group from Northwoods community church, who in a month or so will be going to the Dominican republic on a missions trip. There day at Dream Center was a pre mission trip event for them.
It was amazing to see the walls of church denominations, age, race and gender come down and work for one goal, to see God in action on the street, effecting a city.

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